Performing the last rites of the deceased received from Orphanages and Old Age Homes,
     only after ascertaining the genuineness of the case.

 Assisting financially the poor and needy for performing last rites irrespective of caste,
     creed and colour.

  On receipt of a call, one of the members of the Trust arranges for transportation of
     the body from the Home to the nearest burial/cremation ground. The day after the
     cremation, the Trust arranges for collection and immersion of ashes.

  In view of the difficulties involved in conforming to individual religious rites,
     the Trust does not involve in rituals of any kind, leaving the scene of
     last rites with only prayers for the departed souls.

 As of now, the Trust spends Rs.1500/- per Cremation / Burial.


A few of the Homes for whom we are performing the last rites of the orphans, include

-- Visranthi, Nimmathi, Sai Charan, Anandam old age home. Also doing the last rites for the
   unclaimed bodies lying in Government hospitals at Chennai.


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