His Holiness Blessing the Trust
at its Innaugural Function


  It is widely believed that God has given the opportunity of a human body to do
      noble and self-purifying acts. It is only in the fitness of things that we owe it to
      Him to return the body in the self same state.

  Anatha Pretha Kainkarya Trust, started in 2001 is a charitable organization
      involved in performing honourable last rites to orphaned dead.

   The name, suggested by His Holiness Sankaracharya of Kanchipuram,
       means service to orphaned dead.

   The Trust is a not-for-profit, secular, apolitical organization, with the
       avowed ideal of giving departed souls a decent farewell.

  The Trust has performed Agni Samskaram (last rites) to more than 2000 bodies.

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